Alexander F. Rødseth

Software developer and open source enthusiast.

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My 12 most popular projects on GitHub

Arch Linux

I’m an Arch Linux package maintainer (“TU”). Here are the packages I maintain:


I’ve contributed small patches that have been accepted into these projects:

Projects that are packaged by other Linux-distros, BSD’s or macOS/Homebrew

setconf - a small system utility

Packaging status for setconf

simpleredis and pinterface - packages for Go

Packaging status for simpleredis

gendesk - utility for generating .desktop files

Packaging status for gendesk

wallutils - list monitors and DPI, set wallpapers and timed wallpapers

Packaging status for wallutils

algernon - web server

Packaging status for algernon

o - text editor and IDE for VT100

Packaging status for o Packaging status for o-editor

This web page was written in o.

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